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Containment is a significant problem for many industry sectors, in part due to increased regulation and greater awareness of operator exposure risks. The latest regulations, such as OSHA and REACH, specifically demonstrate that dangers must be handled at their source, and that exposure safety must be accommodated as far as possible by control measures through engineering and means other than personal protective equipment (PPE).

Many operations require high containment facilities to manage the complexities of demands related to toxicity or sterility. If this is one of your challenges, then let us help you with a cost-effective and ergonomic containment solution, from the dispensing of raw materials from process equipment to the final packaging phase of your project.

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  • Image of DCS Drum containment

    DCS Drum containment

    DEC's DCS Drum Containment System is a cylindrical glove box constructed from stainless steel with a glass cover and two glove holes. Highly economical compared to traditional insulation solutions, DCS ensures accurate and contamination-free high containment drum emptying. This space-saving, fully mobile system can operate in an inert environment if necessary, and is available in a multitude of different drum heights and diameters. Excellent visibility into the drum and a free-moving suction lance attached to the PTS Powder Transfer System ensure residue-free emptying of the drum.

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  • Image of DCS Inverter

    DCS Inverter

    Ideal for emptying lumpy and agglomerated products that require a contained environment, DEC's DCS Inverter removes the need for downflow booths. Operating with drums of different sizes, the DCS Inverter ensures that the lump breaker integrated in the suction hopper will safely discharge these materials. This application simplifies the handling of the drums for the operator, thus improving ergonomics and safety. The drum is placed under the glove box, sealed and connected to the system, and then inverted by motor.

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