Welded reactors from Amixon are the preferred solution for many pharma and food companies due to their hygienic design. A very robust design/construction makes the reactors the choice for very “aggressive” and wearing processes such as metal powder and chemicals. Reactors can be build in a range of different sizes from 20ltr to 40000ltr and materials depending in the requirements. All solutions from Amixon are easily accessible for maintenance and can be fully cleaned automatically (CIP).

Glass-lined reactors are used throughout the world for reliability, safety, flexibility, and efficiency and are an economical solution for very demanding environments of the chemical industries. The smooth sanitary properties of the glass layer is also preferred in the pharmaceutical industries. Pfaudler offers a complete range of glass-lined reactors from 63 liters to 40000 liters and more called “DIN reactors”. Different glass types are available depending on customer requirement to chemical stability and conductibility.

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  • Image of VMT Reactor

    VMT Reactor

    Amixon’s reactors are excellent in temperature and pressure control, and with their vast experience and unique design and mixing tool patents, sterilization and drying of products is fast and repeatable as temperature and surface is quickly distributed. Also incapsulating liquids into a dry matrix and accelerating chemical reactions is possible by controlling pressure and temperature to predefined curves. The VMT mixer dryer and reactor is suitable for powders, suspensions, pastes and dough and provides a very gentle vacuum drying at fast reaction rate for dry, moist and viscous materials at variable filling levels. The VMT mixer dryer is vacuum and pressure tight and heated by steam, thermal oil or water. The VMT mixer dryer can be designed to conform with FDA-standards to be used as a sterile mixer and reactor which also meets EHEDG requirements and the 3-A Sanitary Standards. The VMT is available in sizes for 100 – 40000 liters.

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  • Image of AE Reactor

    AE Reactor

    The DIN-AE reactor is characterized by a body flange: glass lined reactor in 2 parts consisting of a base vessel and a cover (head). It is defined in the DIN standard for sizes ranging from 63 liters up to 6300 liters, but most commonly manufactured up to 1000 liters. Agitator in 1 piece. In-line drive/ INTERSEAL sealing system. The reactor must be in 2 pieces to allow access for the glassing operations. The AE reactors are known for reliable operation and long life This is a good option for smaller sizes reactors. The AE reactors are equipped with the universal impeller-type agitator. Anchor-type agitators for highly viscous products are available on request. All AE reactors can be equipped with the Pfaudler Cryo-Lock®. The admissible operating temperature is -25/+200 °C. The admissible operating pressure inside the reactor and inside the jacket is -1/+6 bar.

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  • Image of BE Reactor

    BE Reactor

    DIN-BE type reactor is the most used worldwide for its obvious benefits, such as its higher vessel resistance to pressure, its reduced leakage rates – biggest gasket is the manhole gasket and it is easier to clean, due to reduced number of gaskets and reduced gasket length. It is Characterized as a one-piece reactor where the biggest opening is the manway (DN500 or DN600). Defined in DIN standard for sizes ranging from 1.600l. through 40.000 l. with Pfaudler’s largest capacity at approximately 80.000 liters. The Agitator enters the reactor body via the manway and is assembled inside, using Cryo-Lock technology. High flexibility and efficiency in agitation. Minimal downtime for maintenance of the agitation system as it can be replaced via the manway, without dismantling of any piping on the upper dish (head). Shaft and drive remain in place when changing a turbine.

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  • Image of CE Reactor

    CE Reactor

    Pfaudler’s DIN-CE type reactors are characterized by a main opening on the top dish for the mounting of the agitator, DN up to 1350 mm. They are defined in the DIN standard for sizes ranging from 1.600 liters to 40.000 litres. Agitator enters the reactor body via the main opening on the top dish. You need to dismantle the main cover and piping on the top dish to replace an agitator. Low flexibility in agitator shapes – multistage almost not possible. In-line drive/ INTERSEAL sealing system. The DIN-CE reactor design was the primary reactor before the DIN-BE version was developed for volumes above 1000 liters. Once agitator solutions such as the Cryo-Lock technology appeared, when it was possible to introduce the agitator via the manhole and assemble it inside the reactor, many DIN reactor users moved away from the DIN-CE reactor configuration.

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