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Powder characteristics such as bulk density, particle size and shape, moisture content, explosivity, toxicity etc. are all factors which influence whether your new system requires dilute phase or dense phase conveying. Let us help you find the right solution to your specific powder product. 

Dense phase systems transport materials at slower velocity than conventional dilute phase pneumatic systems. Unlike dilute phase conveying, in which all the material is suspended in a high-speed gas stream, dense phase conveying moves material in a slower, but more concentrated manner. Depending on the type of the material and the layout of the process, the dense phase system will be built to transfer material in a strand, slug or fluidized mode. Typically, the dense phase conveying method is capable of higher conveying rates and longer conveying distances.

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    PTS Powder Transfer System

    DEC takes dense phase powder conveying to a new level with their PTS Powder Transfer System ®. By using both vacuum and pressure, powders are transferred as if they were liquids, eliminating the need for gravity charging and making multi-floor processes thing of the past. The PTS system provides a significant advantage to any process, speeding production up and improving safety and hygiene, yet providing complete containment where required. The result is significant reduction in batch times, linking existing process steps to each other. The flat filtration device allows for dense phase conveying at low velocity below 1-3 m/s and concentrations of powder above 50-150 kg powder/kg air. In addition, its operating principle ensures no segregation or particle damage during transfer as well as very low electrostatic charging. The hygienic PTS design allows full CIP/SIP operation.

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    MPTS Sampling Device

    MPTS can either be used to charge small amounts into process equipment or to take samples from a process. It facilitates complex procedures for sampling directly from equipment such as dryers, mixers, packing units etc. The sample is taken in a few seconds, thus providing an instant picture of the condition of the powder (degree of mixture, humidity, homogeneity) during the process. The sample is extracted and transported to its final destination while maintaining full containment, remaining homogeneous and representative as taken in dense flow without the use of any mechanical device that could result in attrition of powders. The MPTS system is easily dismountable and can be designed for CIP or for sterile use.

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    Pressure Vessel

    The Coperion K-Tron dense phase pressure vessels are of robust design and available in either painted carbon steel or stainless steel. There are no moving parts besides the inlet and vent valves, so less wear occurs. The pressure vessels are used in dense phase pneumatic conveying applications and suitable for premixed materials, materials with high bulk density and products that are highly abrasive, friable, or tend to segregate. They are designed for high capacity conveying rates and long distances in purged (clear line) and non-purged (full-line) systems. The Dense phase pressure vessels employ high air pressure — above 1 bar(g) [15 psi(g)] — and low air volume as the motive force to convey powder or granular bulk solid materials through a pipeline at low velocity. Each vessel is constructed to ASME or PED/ CE standards, depending on location of the project.

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