Micronizing jet mills

Reduction of particle size is a crucial process in labs and small-scale production, through to full size production. The flexible, multi-format jet milling equipment is designed to satisfy all these requirements.

These spiral jet mills are available in open and contained arrangements and provide the ability to micronize difficult and hard to handle products and serve many applications throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.

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  • Image of MC DecJet® 30

    MC DecJet® 30

    MC DecJet 30 is the perfect unit for R&D teams looking the ability to micronize very small quantities of material (0.2grams -50 g/h). It is easy to move due to its small dimensions (529 x 180 x 260 mm).

  • Image of MC DecJet® 50

    MC DecJet® 50

    MC DecJet® 50 is perfect for clinical trials and scale-ups, especially when extremely small batches (35 g - 200 g/h) of high value products requiring very low product loss need micronizing.

  • Image of MC DecJet® 100

    MC DecJet® 100

    The versatile and compact MC DecJet® 100 is designed to satisfy the needs of laboratories and small-scale production. (Estimated capacity 50 g - 5 kg/h)

  • Image of MC DecJet® 200

    MC DecJet® 200

    MC DecJet® 200 is a production scale is the next step up the scale from research and laboratory units, suitable for micronizing from 500 g up to 50 kg/h.

  • Image of MC DecJet® 300

    MC DecJet® 300

    MC DecJet® 300 is a production scale which gets you one step further into production suitable for micronizing from 5 kg up to 200 kg/h.

  • Image of MC DecJet® 400

    MC DecJet® 400

    MC DecJet® 400 is a production scale suitable for micronizing from 10 kg up to 350 kg per hour. Handles sticky, abrasive and very hard products.

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