We deliver custom powder handling systems

We pride ourselves in building long-standing relationships with our customers. We don't just want to supply equipment. Our goal is to serve as a long-term partner for your powder handling and processing needs. We take great pride in going the extra mile and becoming a valued team-player. That's why we focus on collaboration and understanding customer needs as the foundation for a well-functioning system.

Designing for powder

When it comes to powder handling, there is a big difference between theory and reality. This is because of the complexity of the parameters and the lack of correlation between the measurable parameters – like particle size, distribution or particle shape – and how the powder behaves in a given process. A successful result will almost always depend on testing, no matter which process or equipment that will be used.

State-of-the art testing facilities

Our partners have state-of-the-art testing facilities where we, together with the customer, can conduct tests. Or, if the process we are dealing with is particularly difficult, where the product changes significantly during storage or transport, we can often supply testing equipment. That way, the process can be tested under the proper conditions, while providing the greatest possible assurance that the right investment is being made.

Simple and complex tasks

We often supply single machines. However, if the tasks are more complex with multiple operations within the process, or if a complete restructuring of an entire production process is required, we will gladly help with a layout proposal which shows what kind of equipment could be used for the process, and how that equipment could fit into the space which is available. We can either supply the entire project as a turn-key solution or as a partial project in cooperation with sub-suppliers.


For our engineered solutions, we use both our engineers in Denmark as well as our partners in Poland. With internet and video conferencing, we can practically work as if we were in the same building. We often start a project by making the P&I Diagram to determine the correct process. From this, we make the detailed engineering, the layout drawing, the manufacturing drawings and the functional specification, etc.


Of course, all of our equipment is CE-certified. We also have extensive experience in providing the necessary documents and documentation for the qualification process and performing IQ and OQ related tests during FAT and SAT according to ASTM E2500 and ISPE Commissioning and Qualification Baseline Guide.

Tailor-made systems to meet your needs

We supply customized solutions and implementation of powder handling manufacturing lines all around the world. Our engineered solutions are characterized by innovative technology, precision, reliability and high quality.

The Tekemas team has vast experience and understanding of the challenges that our customers have when dealing with day-to-day powder handling.  Our team listens to all your issues and we discuss the targeted end result while taking into consideration the full operation interfaces, constraints and budgets to ensure that we provide you with the most suitable system to fit your requirements.
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Watch our engineering come to life

With the focus firmly on problem-solving, we aim to give you a full understanding of our solution for your powder challenge. By drawing it this way, you are better able to visualize how our solution fits into the space at your plant. And, in the design and development phase, our engineers are able to make the changes that might arise.

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