Terms of sale and delivery




  • Delivery is subject to the 'General Conditions NL 92', and if installation is included 'General Conditions NLM 94', with the additions mentioned below. Copies of NL 92 and NLM 94 are available upon request.

  • Quotations are valid for 4 weeks from the offer date, subject to prior sale.

  • The place of delivery is - if not otherwise stated - ex works.

  • In certain areas, some OEM parts are only available as part of a system, and not as individual components.
  • Quoted prices are calculated for delivery ex works. All prices are excl. VAT and possible other charges. We reserve the right to alter quoted / confirmed prices if changes in government charges – including tax rates, exchange rate fluctuations of more than + / - 1%, and contractual wage increases. Prices of quoted machines do not include installation or materials required for installation. Irrespective of section 17 of the NL 92 and section 21 of 94 NLM, all deliveries except for larger systems and machines are net cash 30 days after the invoice date. Deliveries encompassing systems and machinery (order amount over DKK 300,000, -) are to be paid as follows: 30% at order, 60% upon delivery of main components and 10% 30 days after delivery. In cases where the supply includes installation, the remaining 10% is to be paid 30 days after completion of assembly, but no later than 60 days after delivery of main components. If payment is not effected punctually - from the date of the invoice – an interest fee of 1,5% will be incurred for each month started for the total amount due. For deliveries where the sales price is agreed upon in foreign currency, payment may be made in Danish kroner calculated according to the day’s officially quoted exchange rate incl. marginal supplement.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the packaging is invoiced separately. The buyer will not be credited for any returned packaging.

  • The delivery time is calculated from the time when we have received all information necessary from the buyer, so that technical questions related to the scope of delivery and content are clarified. The delivery time runs from the date of receipt of the buyer's acceptance at the earliest.

  • The buyer is only entitled to in the NL in 92 sections 13 and NLM 94 point 47 stated penalty, provided that there prior agreement to this and this is clearly stated in the quotation / order confirmation.
    If nothing else is agreed, the buyer is only entitled to compensation if it can be documented that a possible delay was caused by one of us committing a serious error and that this is the reason for the delay. We are in no way responsible for operating loss of profits or other indirect losses caused by delays.

  • In the case of individual products of foreign origin, the manufacturer's delivery conditions apply.
    Delivery samples will be held at the manufacturer’s site, as discussed in NL 92 points 5 to 8.

  • If a delivered product causes damage for which liability is incurred according NL 92 points 36 and NLM 94 points 67, liability is limited to damage to building and contents, including products made by the buyer, and the ingredients thereof, to a maximum of DKK 500,000, -.

  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep the machines and systems to be installed by us insured for fire for an amount at least equal to the agreed purchase price until final delivery has occurred.