Big Bag Filling Systems

Tekemas offers a wide range of solutions for filling big bags. The modular components as well as surface finishing/treatments and mild or stainless steel construction, provide variety of options which are tailored to suit your process requirements. 

The big bag fillers have a standard double filling tube with inflatable bellows for dust-tight fixation. The outer tube on the filling head is fitted with a nozzle for evacuating air during filling.

The various models are operator-friendly and ergonomically correct, operated either from floor level (for big bags with a height up to 2m) or from an operator platform, if required.

  • Pneumatically driven hooks and filling head for easy attachment of straps and filling sleeve
  • Filling head with inflatable bag seal and dust extraction facilities
  • Automatic inflation of FIBC
  • Can be fitted with load cells
  • Forklift truck big-bag removal, or via chain or roller tracks
  • Easy height adjustment for different bags
  • Various modules can be put together to meet specific needs
  • Filling capacity up to 15 bags/hour (for direct weighing)
  • Filling capacity up to 30 bags/hour (pre-weighed in weighing hopper)
  • Up to 2000 kg FIBC filling capacity
  • Can be fitted with weighing system

Discover our subproducts

  • Image of  Basic big Bag Filler

    Basic big Bag Filler

    Tekemas’ budget conscious choice for big bag filling, this big bag filling station features a simple yet very robust design.

  • Image of Semi-automated Big Bag Filler

    Semi-automated Big Bag Filler

    Tekemas’ semi-automatic big bag fillers are designed modularly, with numerous variations for customizing and adapting to your process needs.

  • Image of Vibrating Table Big Bag Filler

    Vibrating Table Big Bag Filler

    Tekemas’ big bag filler with vibrating table for highly fluidized bulk materials ensures balanced filling for stabilization and compacting.

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