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Our bulk material handling systems and solutions focus on our core sectors which include the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, chemical and metal powder industries. We can provide solutions with a wide range of powder handling equipment, tailor-made for anything from mixing, feeding, discharging, conveying, milling, sieving and storing to controlling and automation.

01 Pharmaceutical

Designing optimized  systems for improved productivity & quality

Within the past 20 years, the pharmaceutical business has changed significantly, sparking a need to produce top-quality products while lowering production costs.
We offer quality-compliant solutions, providing both flexibility and increased product quality. Our powder solutions for pharmaceutical processes comply with the most stringent standards for containment, hygiene, safety, ease of cleaning and validation. In collaboration with our worldwide network of partners, we offer innovative powder handling solutions designed for sterile pharmaceutical plant operations.

Tekemas supply the Pharmaceutical industry with powder handling solutions

02 Food

Developing systems which comply with EU requiremens, EHEDG, FDA and other local standads for productivity and quality

The food industry is probably the fastest changing powder handling process industry. Our engineers have extensive experience in helping with the specific challenges, such as increased regulatory demands for traceability and hygiene or quick recipe changeovers. Our solutions, systems and equipment ensure optimal product, process, and operator safety, while ensuring compliance with EU directives, EHEDG, FDA, and other local standards and regulations, while minimizing productions costs and resource consumption.

Tekemas support the food industry with powder handlig solutions to their specific challenges.

03 Nutrition

We design customized systems for improved productivity & quality

The nutrition industry, which includes infant formula, performance enhancing substances, nutritional powders, etc., is one of our core sectors. We have decades-long knowledge and experience in supplying to some of the market’s leading companies. Within this sector, our keen understanding of contamination, homogeneity of blends and cleanability are key factors for successful production. We tailor our solutions to suit your requirements in producing nutritionals to the highest international standards.

At Tekemas, we tailor our solutions to suit your requirements in producing nutritionals to the highest international standards

04 Chemical / Technical

Designing customized systems to improve efficiency, productivity & quality

Only the correct proportions make the right chemical formula. Feeding, mixing or conveying processes take place many times every day in the chemical industry, but not always with the expected result. Sometimes they cause various problems in production - and, even worse, undesirable variations in quality or an explosion hazard. These are some of the challenges we have experience with and can help you solve. Our innovative solutions focus on providing dust-free, explosion-proof applications, maximizing safety and quality as well as providing you with a solution that will live up to your expectations.

Tekemas supply powder handling solutions to the chemical industry.

05 Metal Powder

Designing optimized systems for improved productivity & quality

Metal powders are used in multiple applications every day in the industrial sector. More stringent regulations on exposure levels for operators together with higher demands on product performance create higher demands on the process. We can help you all way through this process by supplying industry-leading solutions within this sector. Whether your need is mixing, reactor control or dispersing, we will help you find the best solution for your problem.

Tekemas supply tailor made solutions to the metal powder industry

What our clients say

I had known Tekemas for 10 years when Kiranto Foods made the biggest decision in the company history to make major upgrade our production facility. As a medium-sized company, we do not have the resources or knowledge in-house for managing these tasks. Tekemas supplied us with a turnkey solution, which ended up exceeding our biggest expectations. Their knowledge around process and production economy has helped us take big steps in our development and growth.

Johnny Poulsen 15-01-2020

“With our rapid growth and expansion at Hes-Pro Finland, we needed a partner who could understand our requirements and deliver turnkey solutions for our powder processes. Tekemas has proven to do just this. Their process knowledge, focus on hygiene, flexibility and capability in finding efficient solutions to minimize the cost of production is unique. It has been a pleasure for us working with Tekemas TEAM and we look forward to continuing our growth and success together.”

Heikki Salmela & Päivi Sandell 15-01-2020

“We became acquainted with Tekemas on the basis of a recommendation over 10 years ago when we needed a partner to help us with a new production line. Tekemas was an invaluable sparring partner with their powder and process knowledge, helping us to test and develop the process to find the right solution. They have been easy to work with, from the early planning stages all the way through to the commissioning, providing quality solutions for this and subsequent lines.”

David Denoo 08-04-2020

To take Aker BioMarine to the next level, it is of the upmost importance for us to have partners and stakeholders that are innovative and can think outside the box. We found Tekemas to be the right partner for us. Thanks to a close and transparent dialog between Aker BioMarine and Tekemas, our first project together was completed within a, somewhat unrealistic timeline. Tekemas showed great enthusiasm and knowhow in taking our line to the next level. Job well done!

Viggo Brevik 15-01-2020

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