Sack Tip Cabinets

Our Sack Tip Cabinets are ideal for the manual emptying of bags. They are designed so that dust stays inside the cabinet when the sack is emptied, with a removable back plate and no hidden compartments for very easy cleaning. Tekemas provides fully customizable sack emptying for your process, with stainless steel constructions, and surface finishing and treatments as required. GMP/EHEDG designs are also available.



Watch the Sack Tip Cabinet here




  • Central dust filter / integrated dust filter with or without back-flushing
  • Ventilator
  • Tippable or vibrating grate
  • Built-in agitator
  • Load cells
  • CIP/WIP cleaning
  • ATEX
  • Sack compactor /  integrated channel for the sack compactor
  • Integrated sieve
  • Metal separator
  • Hinged lid with gas cylinders, microswitches or auto safety locks

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