Sack Tip Cabinets

Our Sack Tip Cabinets are ideal for the manual emptying of bags. They are designed so that dust stays inside the cabinet when the sack is emptied, with a removable back plate and no hidden compartments for very easy cleaning. Tekemas provides fully customizable sack emptying for your process, with stainless steel constructions, and surface finishing and treatments as required. GMP/EHEDG designs are also available.



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  • Central dust filter / integrated dust filter with or without back-flushing
  • Ventilator
  • Tippable or vibrating grate
  • Built-in agitator
  • Load cells
  • CIP/WIP cleaning
  • ATEX
  • Sack compactor /  integrated channel for the sack compactor
  • Integrated sieve
  • Metal separator
  • Hinged lid with gas cylinders, microswitches or auto safety locks

Discover our subproducts

  • Image of High-end Sack Tip Cabinet

    High-end Sack Tip Cabinet

    In processes where cleanability and hygiene are essential and there can be no compromises on quality, Tekemas offers fully customizable high-end sack tip cabinet configurations. GMP/EHEDG designs are available, with surface finishing and treatments as required. 

  • Image of Pharma Sack Tip Cabinet

    Pharma Sack Tip Cabinet

    The pharma version of the sack tip cabinet is designed for high level containment and consists of a contained glove box equipped with HEPA filters. The bags are emptied manually in the chamber; empty bags are removed via a waste bag side port with a continuous liner for safe disposal.

  • Image of Standard Sack Tip Cabinet

    Standard Sack Tip Cabinet

    Tekemas offers a variety of standard configurations. These ergonomical sack emptying stations allow operators to introduce bulk materials stored in sacks into the process line without dust emissions, thanks to integrated filters or dust extraction.

  • Image of CIP Sack Tip Cabinet

    CIP Sack Tip Cabinet

    Where cross-contamination might be an issue in a process, Tekemas offers CIP (cleaning in place) versions of sack tip cabinets as an option, with rotating spray ball lances.

  • Image of Sack Tip Cabinet with Sifter

    Sack Tip Cabinet with Sifter

    Tekemas’ sack tip cabinet vibrating sifter solution is ideal for applications requiring frequent product changes and cleaning. The outlet of the sack tip cabinet is sealed to the sifter with a dust-tight membrane and delivers product directly onto the sifter screen. The product in the required grade passes through the screen to the next equipment in the line, such as a vacuum conveying system or a mixer. The remaining product is discharged via the oversized outlet. During cleaning, the sack tip cabinet can easily be rotated away from the sifter allowing full access for dismantling and changing the screen. The system is suitable for being fully washed down.

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