Intermediate Bulk Containers for bulk solid materials

Matcons IBCs are used to process, store, and transport bulk materials such as solids, powders, granules, and tablets.
Traditional powder handling issues such as bridging, blocking, and blend segregation are avoided thanks to their special Cone Valve technology in each IBC.

Not all IBCs are identical

To understand the major performance differences that might be expected when comparing one IBC system to another, a thorough and complete technical test is required.

These are some of the weak links that might be caused by insufficient technology, which will negate any Lean advantages of decoupling the system:

  • Powder-based products does not flow out of the IBC, necessitating constant operator intervention.
  • Insufficient flow control, causing flooding of the packing machine.
  • As the recipe discharges from the IBC and into the packing machine, it segregates, resulting in a low-quality final product.
  • Product losses as the product clings to the IBC walls, resulting in a low yield.
  • Excessive or sticky residuals cause IBC cleaning to be time-consuming or completely unsuccessful.
  • High dust generation, necessitating the cleaning of production areas.
The IBC system from Matcon was designed and manufactured to address all the issues associated with powder handling. At the core of each IBC is their Cone Valve technology, which has been proven to overcome even the most complicated challenges.

Product flow – The integral Cone Valve vibration and variable lift height provide complete product flow control without the need for additional feeders. Small lift heights can be used to control free-flowing materials, and sticky materials can be prompted to flow.

Segregation – By holding back the powder in the centre of the IBC and stimulating flow from the sides, the unique Cone Valve technology encourages the powder to move under mass-flow, ensuring that material discharges as first in, first out, preserving the mix's integrity and preventing segregation or demixing.

Cleaning – IBC's simple design makes it easy to clean and therefore poses a minimal risk of bacterial or cross-contamination. This reduces the costly risk of product waste.

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Stainless steel cone valve IBC

Matcon's S series Cone Valve IBCs are made of stainless steel with a surface finish to meet your specifications. Each IBC contains a unique Cone Valve technology within the IBC that prevents the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, blocking, and blend segregation. Each IBC is built with no enclosed crevices or hollow sections that could trap products or contaminants, allowing them to meet the strictest hygiene and safety standards. The range is suitable for blending, storing, and transporting powder mixes, and it provides contained dust-tight powder handling. The IBCs are available in different sizes: Small IBCs (300-500l) for smaller batches or testing, Medium IBCs (1,000 to 2,000l ) the most popular of IBC batch sizes and Large scale IBCs (2,500-3,000l ) for larger batch sizes.


Tablet Handling IBCs

The gentle Tablet Handling System enables for the efficient handling of tablets and capsules. At the same time, the efficiency of the tablet coating, printing, inspection, and packing processes is improved. The Tablet IBC is at the heart of this system, with its unique pharmaceutical grade polyethylene construction, tablet spiral, and gentle opening Cone Valve - all of which are designed to prevent tablet damage or breakage. A pharmaceutical grade Cone valve is used in the outlet. The IBC can handle tablets (coated and uncoated) and capsules in batches of up to 650kg. The integrated entry spiral allows tablets to gently slide into the bin, minimizing drop height, acceleration, and impact and thus reducing the risk of damage.

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Polyethylene IBC Range

A square-sectioned white polyethylene bottle is positioned centrally within a mild steel or stainless steel support frame to make up the R Series IBC. The bottle has a round inlet at the top and a round outlet at the bottom. These are commonly implemented in non-food, non-hygienic applications where a stainless steel IBC would be unnecessary. Powders are discharged under mass-flow discharge to prevent mix segregation and are fitted with the same Cone Valve technology as the stainless steel range. Bridging and blocking concerns with powder handling are also resolved. They are available in different sizes from 500L to 2500L and are stackable to 2 IBCs height.

Gain an edge with your IBC tumble blender

The IBC Tumble Blender allows rapid batch changeovers. As the ingredients are completely contained within the IBC, there is no need to clean the Blender, making lengthy product swaps a relic of the past.

While one IBC is being blended, the next can be filled, allowing for parallel processing without having to stop mixing. As IBCs are formulated and discharged independently from the blending process, excellent overall equipment effectiveness rates is achieved. Mix any recipe at any time with a IBC Blender, making your manufacturing process more flexible and efficient.

Loading, unloading, and cleaning time are considerably reduced as the IBC is the blending vessel. There is no downtime for cleaning or possibility of cross-contamination because the IBC filling and emptying processes takes place independent of the blender. A IBC blender allows you to efficiently produce a broad range of recipes and batch sizes if you need to mix a variety of batches.

The system is constantly blending, resulting in a high OEE – It is filled, emptied and cleaned offline.


  • In-bin blending allows for quick recipe changes with no risk of contamination.

  • Better batch capability entails the ability to produce a wider range of batch sizes.

  • The Intensifier package enhances blending capabilities by allowing for the addition of liquids.

  • Factory-assembled modular solution with a proven design and low risk.

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High Shear Blending

By adding a high shear cutter to the IBC industrial mixer, which will not blend by flow alone, recipes can be blended, and materials distributed, allowing the incorporation of liquid fats and the processing of more cohesive powders, as well as the removal of agglomerated lumps. It eliminates the need for multi-stage blending. in single-stage blending, liquid fats are efficiently mixed. Disperse micro-ingredients efficiently to ensure a high-quality final product. High shear without heat build-up – particles blend without degradation to produce a high-quality final product.

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Liquid addition system

Directly add liquids to the blending vessel without opening it or without manual intervention, thereby accelerates the mixing process by eliminating the need to stop and restart the blender.This adaptable and sanitary system will reduce manual handling and improve containment, enhancing the benefits of IBC Blending even further. During the mixing process, liquids are dispersed evenly and automatically in your powder recipe. Deliver liquid additions ranging from 5-150 liters. The typical injection amount per revolution is 200-800g. Equipped with Loss in weight monitoring on liquid tank.

Blend 35 x 35 gold-1

NIR near-infrared spectroscopy module

Use NIR spectroscopy to enhance your understanding of the blending process. The NIR spectroscopy will demonstrate that tumble blending works with your materials it will also be able to give real-time results as the blender is in motion, which will identify the point at which the material becomes blended. Once the blending time is established, this can be fed into the blender settings and used to optimize the blending cycle with the opportunity to save minutes in this process, which could lead to the ability to process additional batches within a shift.

Eliminate cleaning downtime

Between batch changes, any system should always be thoroughly cleaned. IBCs are cleaned off-line, enabling processes to continue with fresh, clean IBCs, reducing downtime when compared to fixed mixer systems.

Matcon IBCs have smooth product contact surfaces, a single piece Cone Valve, and no moving parts, enabling for quick, easy, and effective cleaning and drying.

There is a variety of cleaning systems for the IBC's, ranging from a simple, manually positioned wash lance to a fully automatic wash station.

Cleaning both stainless steel powder handling IBCs and polyethylene Tablet IBCs can be completed with the same equipment.

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Wet Wash Module

Providing a thorough internal wash and dry of the IBC without removing the Cone Valve. To remove any powder residue, a high-pressure spray lance distributes water in a controlled and repeatable pattern on all of the internal surfaces of the IBC. The drainage frame includes a cone lifter for automatic outlet cleaning with the Cone Valve in place. A typical wash and dry cycle only require 20-30 minutes (product dependent). High manufacturing efficiency rates as the IBCs are cleaned off-line without disrupting the mixer or the manufacturing line. The simple design of the IBC enables for easy cleaning of the internal surfaces with no risk of cross-contamination.

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Air Wash Module

This cleaning solution offers a high manufacturing efficiency rate as IBCs are cleaned off-line without causing mixer or manufacturing line down-time. The air wash module wash and dries the inside of the IBC without removing the Cone Valve. To expel any particles of powder dust and residue, pressurized air is supplied through a lance and nozzle arrangement. By using only air, the risk of waterborne bacterial growth that is associated with traditional water-based systems is eliminated. This is especially useful in applications involving dairy or infant nutrition powders. A dust extraction unit collects any residual powder waste. Depending on the product, a typical air wash cycle lasts only 6-10 minutes.

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Wet Wash Lance

The High-pressure spray wash lance arrangement, the simplest of cleaning mechanisms, is manually fitted onto the IBC lid. To remove any powder residue, high-pressure jets spray water in a controlled and repeatable pattern on all of the internal surfaces of the IBC. The simple IBC design allows for easy cleaning of internal surfaces with no risk of cross-contamination. High manufacturing efficiency rates since IBCs are cleaned off-line without disrupting the mixer or the manufacturing line. Manual operation.

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Precise, Clean & fast powder recipe formulation

When using a Matcon Powder Recipe Formulation Systems your recipes can be formulated directly into IBCs off-line and then added to the batch processing flow as needed. With check weighing capabilities and material tracking, traceability is possible. You can reduce the time spent normally waiting for powder recipes to be formulated for batch processing. The Recipe formulation system keep the production flow moving.

Sack Tip Module

The Sack Tip module offers a simple, fully contained transfer of powders from sacks into Matcon IBCs with minimal dust exposure before inserting the IBC into your batch processing flow. It has a hygienic and easy-to-clean design for quick and efficient product changeovers.

Any 'tramp' material is captured by a flatbed vibratory sieve and magnetic grate. Traceability is achievable with check weighing and material tracking.

This system provides a high manufacturing efficiency rates as IBCs are formulated off-line and rapidly brought into blending without causing mixer down-time. Full recipe formulation is possible including minor and micro ingredient additions.

Tekemas_Matcon_ IBC Sack Tip System - 590x590

Flexibatch Module

The formulation system consists of several ‘ingredient' containers mounted on a framework, with ‘batch' containers traveling below collecting the ingredients in accordance with the programmed batch recipes.

If you have a large list of ingredients to assemble for each recipe, you can reduce the amount of time spent weighing and batching by automating the process. This also reduces the possibility of measurement or ingredient addition errors. The configurations are determined by the throughput rates, the number of raw ingredients, and the accuracy levels required.

The module can produce multiple recipes from a single formulation street as contained transfers is possible. Full recipe formulation, including major, minor, and micro ingredient additions, is possible on the same line. IBCs are formulated off-line and quickly brought into blending without causing mixer downtime, resulting in high production efficiency rates.

Automated ingredient preparation ranging from 10-1000kg. Full batch traceability and security are provided.

The Flexi-Batch formulation system is an accurate, flexible, and cost-effective recipe batch processing system designed for larger throughput requirements.


Tekemas - Automatic IBC Filling formulation Matcon 590x590

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Clean, Fast, and Reliable Powder Packing Machinery

The simple design of Matcon's powder packing equipment ensures that manufacturers reduce downtime by quickly cleaning change-out parts off-line. Change out recipes in minutes, not hours.

The Cone Valve's reliable, full discharge of a powder mixture from the IBC ensures that your homogeneous blend maintains integrity and your product is correctly formulated into pouches, tubs, bags, or additional packing line equipment.

The unique Cone Valve technology prevents powder mix segregation, which is critical when accurately feeding powder packing machines and third-party equipment.

Packing Line Refill Module

Using Cone Valve technology, you can ensure a high-quality feed to packing. Maintain a consistent, controlled flow of material to keep the high-speed packing lines running smoothly. The Cone Valve technology integrated into each IBC protects the blended material as it is fed into the packing line, preventing any loss of blend homogeneity.

Without any secondary refill devices, discharge the IBC directly into FMCG packing systems. Refilling is automatic and controlled, resulting in a consistent feed that enables packing lines to increase throughput. Cone Valve technology prevents product segregation during discharge, resulting in consistently high-quality products.

Because the IBCs provide a constant feed to the packing line hopper, high manufacturing efficiency rates are possible. Due to the rapid changeover of IBC, the packing line can continue to operate without significant downtime.

Product quality is ensured because product is transferred without the risk of segregation thanks to Cone Valve technology in each IBC. Consistent product feed since the Cone Valve technology prevents bridging and blocking.

Fully contained material transfer guarantees that no product is spilt or leaks, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Fast replenishment of material due to the quick swap of IBCs. Flow of material to the packing line feed hopper is constant and consistent. Replenish based on the signal from the buffer hopper. Cleaning is simple and quick.

Tekemas- Matcon IBC Discharge to Auger filler Packing 590x590

Powder Packer Module - Automated, reliable recipe batching

If you have a lot of ingredients to assemble for each recipe, you can reduce the amount of time spent in weighing and batching by automating the process. This also reduces the risk of error in measuring or adding ingredients. By using the Powder Packer Module enable you to change recipes faster than ever with high accuracy, dosing directly from Matcon IBCs.

The module is ideal for small campaign runs. Versatile enough to cover a wide range of powder characteristics from cohesive to free-flowing. It offers full discharge & protection against segregation due to mass-flow. The powder packing machine is very simple to use. Enabling you to fill into sacks/bags without the need for screw feeders. Configurations are dependent upon throughput rates, the number of raw ingredients & accuracy levels required. It is used for automated preparation of ingredients from 10-1000kg.

The advantages of this module are many:

  • Full batch traceability and security.
  • Easy to strip & clean contact parts.
  • Changeover by Operator, not Engineering.
  • Fill bags 10-25kg at a rate of 1-2 bags/minute.
  • No need for secondary feeders.
  • Additional quality control from optional sifting and metal detection.
  • Consistent feed of product as the Cone Valve technology also protects against bridging and blocking.
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Manual Cone Valve

A very efficient alternative to a butterfly valve. A manually operated cone valve is situated in Matcon's Manual Cone Valve IBC's outlet. When compared to butterfly valve IBCs, this provides a better discharge. The Manual Cone Valve unit consists of a valve body with a single-sided arm that supports a lever-operated cone valve. Depending on the desired powder discharge flow rate, this lever can be locked in the open or closed positions, or in any intermediate position, via a locking handle.The annular gap generated as the cone valve rises inside the IBC increases mass-flow of the powders when it exit the IBC.

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Silo / Hopper discharge valve

The Discharger Valves are designed to be installed on Silos and Hoppers to equip them with Cone Valve technology, allowing for more controlled powder discharge. Discharger Valves allow for the controlled discharge of even the most difficult materials, ranging from free flowing to cohesive powders. Existing silos and hoppers' discharger valves, which range in size from 500mm to 2.5 meters, serve as both a flow aid and a shut off valve. In-situ maintenance is possible without completely emptying the silo. Since the Cone Valve encourages mass flow, it pulls material from all sides of the vessel, preventing rat-holing and bridging.

Testing will help you making the best decision possible.

Do you need a complete product trial or would like to put the equipment through its different steps? We can provide both options at Matcon's Test Plant in UK. The test facility is equipped with full-scale materials handling equipment, allowing you to test your product while simulation true working conditions and scenarios for production-oriented testing.

This test will provide you with confidence in your investments and materials as it can be used to:

  • Learn the exact recipe blend times for your materials.
  • Demonstrate IBC blending performance.
  • Demonstrate material flow and discharge capability.
  • Confirm the prevention of segregation upon discharge.
  • Demonstrate the dosing/packing performance’s accuracy and speed.
  • Show the cleaning capabilities of both wet wash and air wash.
  • Exhibit gentle tablet handling.
  • Display the system interface/integration.
  • Demonstrate your throughput and production capacity.


The onsite laboratory will analyze your material properties, such as bulk density, tapped density, angle of repose, flowability, and particle sizes. This will provide a test result that will be used to develop the best solution for your powder handling needs.

If you are unable to travel to the test plant in either UK or one of the other test facilities around the world, you can participate in a virtual test of the equipment and your product.

Matcon Test facility UK

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