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Hybrid solution for meat substitute products

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Food Extruder

Coperion has developed a hybrid solution for its ZSK Food Extruder for manufacturing meat substitute products. Both texturized vegetable protein (TVP) and high moisture meat analogues (HMMA) can be produced on the same ZSK Food Extruder, providing manufacturers of meat substitutes maximum flexibility to react to changing market demands profitably, even on short notice.

Using a newly developed adapter solution from Coperion, the ZSK Food Extruder’s discharge can now be changed over from a ZGF to a cooling die in record time. The machine’s operator can perform the changeover. The same principle functions apply in reverse when performing product changeovers from an HMMA process to TVP.

Food Extruder hybrid design

As the General Manager of Business Unit Food & Pharma at Coperion says of the new ZSK Food Extruder hybrid design: “The high demand for this hybrid technology shows us that it corresponds exactly to the current market trend. The need for meat substitute products is growing steadily and at the same time undergoing major changes. With this hybrid machine concept that allows production of TVP and HMMA on one and the same extruder, we’re providing meat analogue manufacturers with a solution that gives them a high degree of flexibility to be optimally prepared for rapidly changing market conditions.”


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