PTS Vacuum Pump

Powder vacuum pump for safe addition of powder to reactors

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The PTS powder pump

Adding powder to a reactor, especially in the presence of combustible vapors, is one of the most common causes of dust explosions. To eliminate this danger, DEC has developed a powder transport system that keeps the oxygen out of the reactor while at the same time ensuring that the operator does not come into contact with any harmful or toxic products.

The PTS vacuum pump is space-saving, safe and reliable, even when handling products with very poor flow properties.

The principle of operation is as simple as it is effective: first, a vacuum sucks the powder into the PTS chamber which is separated from the reactor. When the chamber is full, it is shut off and put under pressure with an inert gas. Next, the chamber is opened for emptying the reactor, thus ensuring that only the product as well as the protective gas is supplied to the reactor. A pneumatic control panel repeats the sequence as many times as necessary to achieve the required amount of charge in the reactor. The PTS powder pump can be mounted over the reactor or used as a mobile unit.

The low transport speed in the system ensures minimal product deterioration with no loss of homogeneity. A filter membrane separates the powder and transport gas during the vacuum phase. For each sequence, the filter membrane is purified with flushing gas during the overpressure phase. The PTS chamber itself is designed according to GMP standard. All parts are easily accessible and are easy to clean either by CIP cleaning or by dismantling.

The PTS powder pump can be used for transport to almost any receiving container including sacks, big bags, kegs, tanks, reactors, centrifuges, mills and more. The PTS vacuum pump can also be used for transporting almost all types of powders and granules.


PTS 590x590

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