Filling Machines

The importance of having reliable and high-quality filling equipment is what all production managers want. Tekemas can help you find the right powder filling solution for your product.  

We know no products are exactly the same so to ensure that the filler meets all your requirements we offer you the possibility of getting your product tested in our partner's testing laboratory, the result will help you decide exactly what filling accessories are required to handle your application perfectly and ensure you that we have found the right solution, before making any investment in new filling equipment.



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  • Image of Series 10 Sack Filler machine

    Series 10 Sack Filler machine

    The Series 10 Sack Filler has been specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of sack and bag sizes. The high resolution digital strain-gauge load cell provides the signal for filling to stop, eliminating inaccuracies caused by products of inconsistent density. An electro-pneumatic clamp with easy location presentation guides allows the operator to quickly place the sack/bag beneath the nozzle ready for filling. Designed specifically to fill larger sacks and bags, the Series 10 Sack Filler has a fill weight range of 1kg to 25kg.

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  • Image of Series 10 VFFS Filling Machine

    Series 10 VFFS Filling Machine

    The Series 10 VFFS filling head provides the perfect configuration when integrated with a vertical-form-fill-seal bagging system. The sleeved mount permits rotation of the filling head for ease of tooling /hopper removal. An OEM version of the Series 10 filling head which can be integrated with horizontal and vertical-form-fill-seal machines and other OEM equipment. Equipped with a 38l stainless steel hopper. It has a fill weight range of 20mg to 50 kg. Typical Bulk Feed Option could be from overhead IBC/bulk bin via horizontal cross-feed auger.

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  • Image of Series CMR Rotary Filling Machines

    Series CMR Rotary Filling Machines

    The Series CMR continuous motion rotary fillers offer high-speed, high accuracy filling for a wide variety of powders and granules. With turret sizes from 500mm PCD to 2m carrying 12 to 48 transfer funnels, production output up to 400 containers per minute can be reached. Up to four filling head configurations are available, dependent upon the size of container neck opening and powder flow characteristics. The CMR systems fill exceptionally cleanly. The powder is progressed from the client’s bulk feed system into the container via a completely sealed turret.

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  • Image of Series 100/200/400 In-Line Filling Machine

    Series 100/200/400 In-Line Filling Machine

    The Series 100, 200 & 400 fillers offer fully automatic filling with no-tools changeover for both containers and powders. Container changes are accommodated simply and quickly by adjustment of the conveyor guide rails, indexing stop cylinders and head height. Based upon the Series 10 fillers, the head combinations feature tool-free removal of funnel, auger and hopper. Neck-entry filling minimizes dust, while bottom-up filling prevents aeration and permits compaction where necessary to fit the full fill weight into the container. Available in Volumetric & Gravimetric configurations

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