Product sieving is an essential requirement in nearly all industries

You can screen, separate, grade and sort both wet and dry material, with Farleygreen's highly efficient range of vibratory sieving machines.

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Quality controlled end product

Product sieving is an essential requirement in nearly all industries. To obtain a quality-controlled end product not only requires diligent constituent choice, but careful handling and processing. Removal of any substandard or unwanted matter is therefore a prime requirement.

Farleygreene’s Sievmaster range of sieves are designed to cover all aspects of sieving and screening applications, and with each machine they can offer the flexibility to reconfigure any machine to fit into almost any situation.

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Check, grading, linear, centrifugal, vacuum/pressure and batch sieves – each machine is built to last using high quality materials. Full certification in compliance with ATEX, FDA and EC regulations are provided with every machine, and adherence to an ISO 9001 quality management system is carried out throughout the build.

Sievmaster sieves are built to solve production issues and give customers total confidence that their end products will meet their quality control specification. Together with Tekemas, Farleygreene use approved solutions to develop a solution that meets customer’s specific requirements and performs exactly as required.

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The right surface finish for your industry

When it comes to various industry norms, we know the ranking. For the food industry, grading ground products may not bear the same health hazards as sieving powders for the chemical industry, we recognize that each industry has its own standards, and for both applications we will never suggest the same machine. Absolute traceability, measurements of surface roughness, drawings and FAT testing documents can be included in all machine parts. Farleygreene also recognize that contamination or health & safety threats can arise from allowing tools on the factory floor, which is why their machines can also be stripped down fully free of tools.

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Ultra Hygienic Sack Tipping Check Screener

The Sievmaster Easilift Ultra sack tip station is specifically built for the food industry, where hygiene is essential.

The Ultra model, similar to standard Easilift, also features a pneumatically assisted dust hood but is totally free of crevices. A hygiene barrier between sanitary and non-sanitary environments is ensured by a fold-out sack table, and a side mount motor enables user access. Used in connection with the Sievmaster Slimline SM550 check screener, this machine can process up to 25 kg powder at a time, dispensing into containers, static weigh bins or integrated into conveyor systems.

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