Easy-to-clean powder transport system

Posted on: 02-06-2020
Full flexibility in a coffee roasting plant with aeromechanical transport 

The aero mechanical conveyor is perfectly suited for ground coffee, with no product buildup easy cleaning

  • The objective for this coffee manufacturer is to be able to transport ground coffee back and forth, everywhere – from each roaster to each grinder, from each grinder to each silo and again from each silo to each packaging line.
  • Conveyors must be self-cleaning to minimize downtime and carry over when changing product. This is important for e.g. decaf or organic coffee.

With an aero mechanical transport solution, there is no product buildup in the tubes or the inlets/outlets, and corners can be air purged for cleaning when changing product. It is not suited for whole beans, however, as they might be damaged in the conveyor.

The system has a very low power consumption, with normally only 1,1 kW required for each conveyor. It is very flexible and can be routed vertically, horizontally, or both, and can be equipped with numerous inlets and/or outlets. It can be mounted “side-by-side” or “over-and-under” as it best fits the installation.