Mixing process decisive to the final quality of a product

Posted on: 11-06-2020
Ergonomic, dust-free system with quick recipe changeovers 

A leading manufacturer of cheese powder contacted Tekemas with a desire to expand their production process to include a new line. One of the main concerns was to ensure a great degree of flexibility in production, including fast changeovers and cleaning, while at the same time ensuring a high-quality end product. Furthermore, for the sake of their operators, they needed an ergonomic solution while ensuring a dust-free environment.

Their high-quality raw materials came in big-bags and 25 kg bags. The process also required the addition of smaller components.

Tekemas’ solution included:

  • Sack Tip Cabinet for manual emptying of 25 kg bags
  • Big-bag emptying stations with load cells
  • Powder transport system (PTS)
  • Mixer allowing for the addition of small components
  • Big-bag filling station with load cells, weighing controls for resale


As with many food products, the mixing process is decisive to the final quality of a product. Not only is proper mixing essential to creating a product that tastes good, but it also influences the bulk material characteristics such as homogeneity, natural appearance, flowability, texture, and resistance to crumbling. Generously sized inspection doors grant ergonomic access to the mixing chamber and facilitate quick and reliable cleaning.

The system can function both in continuous and batch mode, allowing a great degree of flexibility and quick and easy recipe changeovers to meet customer demands.