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Mix any recipe, any time, through fast, efficient, agile blending with Matcon IBC blending systems and eliminate the time-consuming cleaning associated with traditional static mixers.



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Virtual testing of materials and equipment during Covid-19

In order for us to be able to perform remote test trials together with our customers, Matcon has introduced several fixed position HD cameras in key locations around the test plant including 1 mobile camera, which allows our customers to get close to any parts of the process they want to see in more detail.

The trials are completely interactive, with the test plant staff having microphones to be able to explain the equipment and answer any questions the customers may have.

Virtual test in Matcon Test plant 1

Benefits for you - participate without being there

This means that it is possible for our customers to sit at home or in their office and together with us, from our location, witness a full product trial or see the equipment through its paces. The test facilities provide the perfect opportunity to simulate real working conditions. You can test your product in a real scenario without being there.

The Virtual test plant can be used to prove:

  • IBC Blending performance
  • Material flow and discharge capability
  • Prevention of segregation on discharge
  • Accuracy and speed of dosing/packing performance
  • Cleaning capabilities for both wet wash and air wash
  • Gentle tablet handling
Matcon Test Plant Virtual Screenshot 3

Analyze your materials for the best equipment solution

The use of their onsite laboratory equipment will provide an analysis of your material properties, such as bulk density, tapped density, angle of repose, flowability, and particle sizes. This will provide us with a test result to be used in developing the solutions that best meets your needs.


Avoid these powder handling issues

Whatever the material, a vital homogeneous blend is achieved and preserved by Cone Valve Technology.

The integral cone vibration will stimulate cohesive materials to flow where other systems have failed.

Without the need for additional feeders, free-flowing powders can be controlled, even to a specified weight, using the variable lift height of the Cone Valve.

With a minimized risk of segregation, blended material can be fed to the downstream process, as the Cone Valve promotes the powder's mass flow.

Fragile products are softly handled, such as flakes, candy or gum. If necessary, flow can be cut off without any damage during discharge, as the Cone Valve moves with the material flow.

By combining an outer 'lip-seal' on the discharge station and a 'alpha-beta' coupling to the Cone Valve, dust-free handling is accomplished, keeping the system closed at all times.

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Mixing directly within the IBC

With a Matcon IBC Blender, mixing takes place directly within the IBC, making recipe changeovers virtually instantaneous as the blender has no product contact parts to clean. By utilizing a high shear intensifier with the IBC Blender, its range of blending capabilities are extended, providing efficient mixing and blending of cohesive powders and featuring the ability to directly add and disperse liquid content to a recipe batch.

Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy allows mix homogeneity and accurate recipe blend times to be validated, without invasive sampling.

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IBC Blender 1280x1280

Extend blending range, reliably

Recipes can be blended, and materials distributed by adding a high shear cutter to the Matcon industrial mixer, which will not blend by flow alone, allowing the incorporation of liquid fats and the processing of more cohesive powders and the removal of agglomerated lumps.

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